Seasonal Flowers: English Summer Flowers

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Seasonal Flowers: English Summer Flowers

This week is British Flowers Week and New Covent Garden Market, florists and flower lovers alike have been campaigning to promote British cut flowers. We thought we would share some of our favourite English summer flowers with you, all of which are in season at the moment and which you will find in the Chelsea Shop.


A traditional English summer flower, Delphinium is tall with clusters of blossoms. You will find it in shades ranging from white through to blues and purples. We love the delicate colour of this pale blue variation.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are one of our favourite flowers. They smell wonderful and are one of the only flowers that the English grow better than the Dutch! We source ours from Sussex and you will usually find them in the shop in shades of pale and mid pink, purples and white. You will often find that the flower heads die from the bottom up, so be sure to remove them in this order.


Another traditional flower, Stock has been growing in England since Victorian times. Also known as Evening Scented Stock, they have a sweet, but strong fragrance. As with Delphinium the flower heads grow in clusters, but you’ll notice a spike at the end of each stem.


Snapdragons are another English flower with tall stems and bursts of clustered flower heads. They grow in a variety of hues including white and orange. To care for Snapdragons properly be sure to change the water everyday as the stems tend to break down once in water.


Astrantia is a small, dainty flower that comes in two colour variations, purple and white. They are perfect for softening bouquets. If you like Astrantia then you may like this bouquet in the online shop.


Peonies are without a doubt one of the most popular flowers, known for their large flower heads and wonderful scent. Once open the flower heads can grow to be as large as 10 inches!